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BOYS WHO BEND | sam hunter o'keefe

Definitely a boy and a brother who is all things flexy. Qualified yoga teacher, lover of all things luxe from his head down to his toes his style is on point. A girl’s best friend we sat down with our boy to find out how he keeps his body so tight and his favourite indulgence to keep it real and all about the balance. 

Background story of SHO so far?

I’ve grown up in Perth my whole life and I’ve always participated in sports from hockey to tennis since a young age. After graduating from high school I took a semester off to travel to Europe. Since then my passion for travel has continued having travelled all over Asia, the U.S. and back to Europe. I completed Birkam yoga training in 2011 and that’s when my interest in health and fitness really began. I returned to Perth to study a bachelor of health science and since then I’ve been continually exploring new health trends and enjoying the growing industry.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Motivated, open-minded & adventurous

What got you into yoga?

Yoga found me at a time when I was struggling with coming to terms with my sexuality as a gay man. My friend dragged me to a Bikram yoga class in 2010 as a form of getting me back into exercise and to help lift me out of my associated depression. She herself had experienced the positive effects of yoga and thought I might benefit form it. After my first class I was hooked. At first it was about perfecting each pose but as time went on the mental benefits associated with yoga became apparent. The mental challenges faced each day on the yoga mat started to translate into my everyday life and over time everything fell into place. I became mentally stronger and my path to a happier and healthier life began.


Favourite posture and why?

Bow pose. For me it’s the feeling of being able to work all three sections of my spine while using my strength to increase my flexibility.

A part from yoga how else do you sweat?

I love to swim as a great way to unwind. Lately I have taken to boxing after seeing boss women TL kill it.

3 things always in your fridge?

Avocado, coconut water & ferrero rocher chocolate for when I need to indulge.

Favourite meal?

Teriyaki salmon with steamed broccoli and brown rice followed by a flour-less orange cake.

Favourite healthy hangout spots?

Natures Harvest in Cottesloe is my favourite place for quick healthy meals, juices and smoothies in Perth.

3 things people might not know about you?

I am a classically trained violinist since the age of three.

Reading is my favorite past time.

my shoe collection is starting to take over my bedroom.

Best advice ever been given?

Time heals all wounds.

Keep up to date with all things SHO and double tap @samhunterokeefe


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