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Boxing day detox breakfast bowl

Christmas day was made for eating. Life is all about balance. Kirsty McLean from Body Clarity health, wellness + fitness has developed a post Christmas day detox bowl to help beat the Christmas bloat and get you back on the bandwagon.

Ohhh I love smoothie bowls and this green smoothie bowl is the BOMB! 

This is what I call my ‘Feel Amazing Again’ secret weapon that will help to get you back on track after the festive season! 

You know the feeling…

After a few too many late nights, champagnes, sweets treats and not enough sleep, you just feel blah and bloated!!!   

So what’s so good about it? 

Bye Bye Bloat – The ingredients combined in a liquid form will help to kick start the digestive tract and clear the bloat. This is also thanks to the high fibre content of the green vegetables and fruits! 

Hello New You – You will feel an incredible burst of energy and clarity! This is thanks to the chlorophyll in the green vegetables, which is also responsible for their green colour. Plants require chlorophyll in order to convert the energy in sunlight into chemical energy (usually in the form of glucose). We use this chemical energy stored in plants to fuel our own biological processes.

Ditch The Sugar – The fibre in the fruits and vegetables whilst also beneficial to flush out the toxins, will keep you full and stabilise blood sugar levels. So, say goodbye to those cheeky sugar cravings that have made their way back into your life! 

Hey HOT Babe – Matcha Powder (we have used Matcha Maiden) which is 100% green tea grounded into a powder form is the superwoman of antioxidants! And this combined with the ingredients will assist with clearing your skin and enhancing your metabolism. So, lastly, this ‘Feel Amazing Again Smoothie Bowl’ is your ticket to amazing complexion and sparkly eyes. 
What You Need
– 1 frozen banana (make sure you peel the banana before putting it in the freezer)
– 1/2 cup coconut water 
– 1 big handful of spinach 
– 1/2 cucumber
– 1 kiwi fruit 
– 1/2 avocado
– 1 tablespoon Matcha Maiden 
Blend all the ingredients together until it forms a thick liquid. 
Top with your fave fruits like strawberries, mango, passionfruit, lime, banana and coconut flakes.
Enjoy and bring on a new you in 2016!

x Kirsty

Kirsty is wearing TULLY LOU The Upstate Soho Pant coming soon.

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