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Boxing 101 | Stance

The hottest workout at the moment – every celeb and model are in the ring and our girl Gigi throws some pretty serious combos but before you start rolling with the punches get the basics down. We’ve teamed up with our main man Ruan from F.I.T.E PT to bring you a series of ‘Boxing 101’ basics to get you prepped for our next YOXING event but also for anyone who wants to step into the ring and work on their technique and build up some serious cardio fitness. 

STANCE: From being in stable set up you can throw all your punches and keep your balance whilst always on the move. These 8 tips will get stance on point and ready to start working on the correct technique for throwing those punches.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 4.03.45 pm[play video]

  1. Feet shoulder width a part
  2. If you’re right handed stand with left foot forward (Opposite if you are left handed)
  3. Back heel always off the ground
  4. Front foot slightly turned inwards
  5. Slight bend in your knees
  6. Angle chest and trunk
  7. Knuckles to cheekbones
  8. Elbows always tucked in

Check in next week to go through the basic of throwing a jab with the correct technique.

Enjoy and train hard in style.



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