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Bend, flow + Om | Remedy Yoga

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing out on until you jump back in. After injuries, work, other intense workouts our body ends up screaming for a good bend and stretch, me time and time to reconnect. Enter remedy yoga. Walk up the stairs and switch off. Roll out your mat and you are in an urban sanctuary. Remedy Yoga is the freshest boutique yoga studio to arrive in Melbourne.  Yoga is the best way to switch off – stop worrying about the past and stop thinking about the future and just really be in the moment.

Walk in the studio door and up the stairs to arrive in the most peaceful, calm environment where you can automatically drop all your sh*t at the door.

The room is heated to 27-30 degrees so it’s not the intense in your face heat where you try and eyeball your teacher to open up every window and door just for a dash of fresh air. Practicing yoga in the heat allows your body to open up and increases the blood flow to the working muscles to speed up detoxification, sweat out toxins, improve on that flexibility and range of movements of all those stiff joints.

The studio has yoga for beginners, intermediates – everyone is covered but two of our favourite things about the studio are yin yoga & the focus on meditation.

Yin (Hugh Lee is a yin guru & remedy yoga teacher) is great for anyone who really wants to experience that yoga zen feeling aka yoga stoned. It’s great for anyone who works out a lot and has any muscles soreness/tightness – you hold postures anywhere from 2-4 minutes and slowly your body opens up and your muscles relax.  FYI hip opening classes actually are amazing also because in eastern medicine that’s where a lot of your energy is stored.

Meditation we all know we should be doing more of and 5 minutes a day is better then nothing but you never really do it. Here the team focuses on giving you a calm and peaceful space to switch off before and after class from the outside world and reconnect. It’s important not get caught up in all the fast paced craziness that’s thrown in our faces day in and day out – when you find yourself becoming reactive you know it’s time to step back and up the meditation time.

Beautiful studio and amazing teachers – if you’re in the area the crew do have a 7 day free trial going on at the moment and we know you will fall in love with the studio like we did. If you’re not in the area make a morning out of it because there are some killer healthy hangout spots all over that side of town now to hit up post bend and stretch.

Looking forward to getting back, grabbing the girls and hitting up the studio with the TL clique soon.

Check out more about the space here.


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