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AYURVEDA | winter wellness guide

Ayurvedic philosophy says our body is made up of 3 different doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha with some doshas more dominant than the other. Find out more about how to balance your doshas and keep your mind and body in check this winter and #fightthefreeze. 

Ayurveda is the ancient practice of Hindu medicine that is based on the idea of balancing the body, mind and its systems using diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing. The 3 doshas that make up our body and the different weather seasons –

Pitta – energy is linked with fire. People who tend to rock more of the pitta energy are fiery, intelligent and fast paced. What if your pitta energy is out of balance? This is when anger erupts, digestive problems and inflammation. Pitta’s tend to prefer colder climates.

Vata – Air and space. Linked with moving the body and breath. Creative, lively and original? More like you’re vata dominate. Out of balance though is when joint pain, anxiety, constipation and dry skin can flare up.

Kapha – Earth and water and is involved with strength and control. Kapha types are said to be strong, solid and calm. When Kapha is out of balance Ayurvedic traditions say this is when insecurities, obesity, sinus problems diabetes and gallbladder problems can rise up.

Winter sits on both the Kapha and vata sides of the Ayurvedic fence. Generally though you try and balance Kapha energy throughout the cold, damp, wet months.

Just like your heater amps up its work rate in winter so does our digestive system. Digestion is stronger and appetite is heartier in winter.

To keep your immune system fighting strong this winter eat foods that are –

Warming and well cooked

High in protein – it’s also time to up the beans, tofu, eggs and if you’re not a strict vegetarian opt for some meat.

Spiced up – add warming spices like cinnamon, cloves and black pepper promote digestion.

Avoid raw, uncooked, cold, frozen foods and drinks. Instead opt for a mug of hot cacao, chai or a turmeric latte to break down any winter build up and congestion.

Stuck for meal idea’s ..

Breaky – throw your smoothie on the stove and heat it slightly, porridge or whip up some eggs with cooked sides (spinach, mushrooms, tomato etc)

Lunch + Dinner – Roasted/steamed veggies with your favourite protein, soups, stir-fry, risotto (mix it up instead of rice try quinoa risotto), dhal

Sweets – Rice porridge, baked fruits



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