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Aussie Actress Ari Kaplan’s London Guide | Workouts, Vegan Hot Spots + more

Our Ari Girl, formally known as “Imogen Willis” from Australian Drama Neighbours. However to us at TL HQ Ari is a good friend + a workout buddy. Someone who will always put a smile on your face, Ari is one talented, SUPER FIT and all round kick arse chick.

Ari has just got back from spending some time abroad in London town so we wanted to get the d- low on what is hot in London at the moment from a fit 20 something who is taking on the world!

I sat down with Ari to get the scoop on all the hot spots in London town.



YogaFierce Grace Hot Yoga.

HIITBarry’s bootcamp for the hardest workout of all time.

CardioPsycle for amazing spin class.

Ari : “Some other gorgeous studios to check out are Another Space (they have a range of classes including Spin and HIIT), 1Rebel (they have ride, bootcamp and boxing sessions with the best change rooms I’ve ever seen), Frame (they do every class under the sun – TRX, Dance Cardio, Yoga, Pilates – and there are a few branches), Kobox (boxing), Pure ride and Boom Cycle (Spin).” 


Vegan places to eat

Brunch Redemption in Shoreditch and Notting Hill has amazing breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner options. It’s a vegan, non alcoholic bar. So not only is the food ridiculously amazing, they also have some of the most delicious and healthy mocktails you’ve ever seen!

LunchNama in Notting Hill. All raw, vegan. I’m generally not the biggest fan of Raw food but this was 100% the most amazing tasting food I’ve had in a long time.

DinnerBoxpark is an amazing little concept in Shoreditch which is loads of shipping containers stacked together. On the bottom level is gorgeous boutique shops and on the top of level, there’s lots of little food stalls. Two of them are vegan and run by the same chef – they’re called CookDaily and Home. CookDaily make incredible HUGE bowls of veggies, tofu, nuts, seeds, plantain, quinoa & rice with a Caribbean twist. While Home makes the most delicious Thai food.

Some other delicious places to try Wildfood cafe, Mildred’s, The Mae Deli by deliciously Ella, Blackcat, Wholefoods.

Best Meal you have had in London?

I’d have to say my meal at Nama was pretty incredible. I went with a friend of mine and we had a total feast! We had a raw Mexican wrap and these amazing lettuce wraps  to start, followed by the raw pad thai and terrine for mains and then the raw red velvet cake and blueberry cheesecake for dessert. I was in Food coma heaven. I’ve been so fortunate to become close friends with the loveliest girl (Serena) who runs the @vegansofldn page, and she has shown the ropes and taken me to all the best vegan places so I’ve honestly not had one bad meal.


Fav dessert and where?

Cookies and Scream is located in Camden Market and is hands down the best vegan dessert I’ve ever eaten. Actually it’s honestly just the best dessert I’ve ever eaten in general. They make all gluten free, vegan cookies and pair them with ice cream to make Cookie sandwiches. There are honestly no words to describe how amazing it is. And yes, the heat the cookies up. They also do milkshakes which I haven’t tried but are also apparently delicious.

Yorica is the only place to go for vegan Ice Cream in London. It’s in Central London and it’s all dairy and nut free with a choice of Ice Cream, Frozen Yoghurt and a million delicious toppings. If you like raw desserts, all of the vegan cafes have amazing raw cheesecakes/bliss balls etc.

Where would we find the best smoothies/juices?

Barry’s Bootcamp smoothie bar are hands down the best smoothies I’ve ever heard. They have vegan protein on offer and hot tip – if you do the lunch time class, the shake is free! My go to is the Vegan Barry’s Big Banana which is banana, strawberries, vegan protein powder and almond milk.

Best places to shop in London?

Oxford street is like a shopping heaven. In one stretch you have Urban outfitters, Brandy Melville, Forever 21, Miss Selfridges, Topshop and H&M. I mean, what more could a girl want? Personally I’m all about the high street options and don’t own one piece of designer clothing, so the high street was definitely my favourite place to shop.

The markets are definitely one of the best parts of London.  There are so many and each have such a different but cool vibe. Brick Lane market is a winner because it has a bit of everything and is a really hipster area, Camden market has some of the best food in London and if you’re into your fake copies of clothes/bags/jewellery or you love a bit of Goth clothing, you’ll be in heaven. The Portobello flower market is absolutely STUNNING and I’m not even a huge flower fanatic, but I was in awe of how beautiful it was. Some other markets I would also recommend are Broadway market, Borough market, Spitafields market and Maltby market.


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