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Activated charcoal | The new detox trend

This little bad boy may just be the new healthy ‘it’ thing around town even though it’s been used by so many different cultures for so long. We’re not complaining. Find out what activated charcoal is and why are people going gangbusters over this stuff.

The TL crew love it when little health gems become more common and mainstream. People are starting to look after their health and happiness more and more and we think that’s pretty epic.

What is it? Nerd version..

Activated charcoal is both tasteless and odourless. It is a form of coal created by processing carbon and exposing it to high temperatures. This then creates a huuuge surface area on the activated charcoal which allows it to adsorb (different to absorb) large amounts of gases, toxins, poisons or pollutants especially in the digestive tract.

Why should you have it?

Had a big weekend? Feeling gas-ee? Been on antibiotics or even had a touch of Bali belly?! Activated charcoal is a wicked natural detoxer – it binds to toxins in the body helping to get rid of any waste and restore it to it’s natural state. Boom.

How can I have it?

  • Drink it – mix it with a little coconut water for some extra flavour
  • Throw it in your acai breakky bowl


  • Just have it in tablet form.

Charcoal is great if you’re feeling ill, indulged too much over the weekend or you just want to feel better. It’s a staple in our medicine cupboard.

Happy humpday. Don’t forget to sweat, bend and smile.


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