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9 things they're not telling you at spin..

Being in the right position is key for spin classes or else or you will just end up with a bad lower back and a sore crotch. We love spin. It’s not just the cycling that brings you back it’s a whole room riding to the beat, moving as one, pushing the boundaries and the sweat dripping at the end. It’s great workout if you’re looking to shed some weight, tone up and increase your fitness that’s all if you have the right alignment. From beginners to frequent spinners there are some key alignments you need to nail before you start pedaling.

Set up

  • Adjust seat so leg is almost straight at bottom of pedal stroke but not quite
  • Neutral spine at all times – What does that mean and how do I get it?
  • Upper body lifts up creating length in the spine from the sit right to the top or your head (engage your core, abs and back muscles to get this happening)
  • Shoulder blades back pulling towards each other and relax the shoulders down away from your ears.
  • Neck in neutral position with a slight C curve & fist size gab between chin and chest BUT don’t push your chin forward this creates rounded shoulders.
  • Lean forward to the handlebars, hinging at the hips with very little weight on hands. Use core strength here peeps to support you.
  • Track knee caps between 2nd and 3rd toes and don’t grip shoes with toes.. can create numbness in feet.
  • Pull up on pedal stroke rather then pushing down. Create a constant circular motion
  • Keep toes pointing up rather then down on pedal strokes (protects knee)

Big NO-NO’s

  • Rounding lower back to hunch forward changing the curve of the spine puts too much pressure on lower back – Engage your core!
  • Pedaling only on the downstroke can cause knee and hip flexor tightness and lead to other injuries – make sure you are pulling up.

Don’t pedal too fast or hard. Always keep alignment.

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Enjoy & see you on the bike.


[photo via @kathycwebster]

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