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8 foods you think are healthy but the experts say NO..

You probably think they’re healthy meals or snacks but apparently we’re  wrong. We asked the experts in the industry on what foods people think are healthy for them but generally aren’t. These are their top picks..


LOLA BERRYCeleb nutritionist & food nut

1. Protein bars that are branded as healthy but really high in added sugar, carbs and artificial things. Some have hydrogenated oils. My advice is to become a detective and read the labels really well.
2. Brekkie cereals often you think they’re a great source of fibre (which is true) but they can be full of sugar, sodium, colours, and sometimes there’s hydrogenated fats (thats the bad stuff, that means they’re heated to really high temperatures and the chemical structor changes)


TULLY HUMPHREYTully Lou designer & yoga teacher

  1. Almond Milk – Most of the supermarket brands only contain a small amount of actual almonds and the rest water and sweetners. Read the label and make sure you’re getting the real deal.. High % of almonds no added sweeteners
  2. Bottled juices – Again I only stick to the cold pressed juices that have no added ingredients and are loaded with nutrients for my body. Supermarket juices can be full of preservatives, additives – that’s how they have a longer shelf life.


Ellie LemonsPersonal trainer & Mum to be 

Not one to cut anything out of her diet Ellie’s top 2 foods she treads with caution are..

  1. ‘Brekkie desserts’ they are often healthier than if you were to go to a diner or non-health conscious food place, BUT they often still have a whole lot of sugar and are quite calorie dense. I always make sure i have a low sugar brekkie.
  2. Raw desserts like above often are full of sugar and calorie dense.


Lilian DikmansHealth blogger from real food healthy  

  1. “Sugar-free” snacks that are sweetened with artificial sweeteners. They may be low in calories but artificial sweeteners can wreck havoc with your gut and lead to cravings for more sweet food.
  2. “Low-fat” products like low-fat yoghurts and low-fat bottled salad dressings. These products usually contain a heap of sugar as a way of adding back flavour due to the fat being taken out. Always read the ingredients list.




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