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7 things we know about yoga

Who doesn’t love a good bend and stretch! We love nailing a posture,feeling strong like a boss, being open and then feeling some serious om at the
end. So we sat down and thought of our 7 top things we’ve learnt about yoga so
far .. P.S. It’s not just a thing you do before brunch.

1. It’s a serious workout – The more you put in the more you’ll get.

Grip the floor squeeze, them thighs in and tighten your butt! YOU ARE

2. Your first time might not be fun – you may be lost, have no idea what the hell a downward facing dog is and a heads up
you may need a massage the next day.

3. Everyday you are different –Your body is different, your thoughts are different, some days are better then others. Just
roll with it – don’t walk in with any expectations.

4. No two people are the same – Everyone has different body structures so some things come easier to others that’s
just the way it is. We are all unique and individual. Don’t compare just be like dammnn yo bendy!

5. When you’re ST-ruggling just breath, smile, relax. It makes everything so much easier.

6. You will fall out of postures – Don’t worry about it! You’re human. Get up, dust off and try again

7. Thoughts become things – Be clear, deliberate and positive with your thoughts.

There is such a thing as a yoga high so get back in the room and everything will start
to click and that’s where the good sh!t happens.

Enjoy and bend on homiès.