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7 places to break a sweat in LA

Wake up exercise, eat and repeat every day no matter where you are that’s pretty much how we roll. LA the land of the rich and famous does exactly that day-in-day-out so no wonder why they have and invent some of the craziest workouts you would of heard of.

But where did 3 Aussie girls (TL Team + our dear friend Lisa from SeeWantShop choose to break a sweat whilst on the West Coast? 



If Oprah was a workout this would be it – inspiring, motivating and a ‘yes you can’ & ‘live your best lives possible’ attitude. You will sweat, you will ride on the beat, you will become mentally stronger and you might even shed a tear. Soul cycle is no ordinary spin class it’s an addiction. Hang around long enough and you’re guaranteed to tap it back with one of Hollywood’s A-listers.

Soul Cycle



Short on time rise nation is the ultimate express cardio. Nothing like it in Australia so when you walk in the room you’re kind of like what the F*ck. The machine is a stepping machine with moveable hand grips. Hold on with your dear life and start ripping AKA climbing for 30 minutes. If you’re bum and quads aren’t burning after the first song you’re a cardio machine.

Rise Nation



When an LA friend suggest you have to come to the best workout ever and it only goes for 25 minutes and it’s the hardest thing ever note to self don’t laugh it off. Thank god this pilates class on steroids only goes for 25 minutes. The bed is mechanically moveable by the instructors ipad so imagine doing squats but then being put on a vertical incline The change in gravity forces your muscles to fire in a way you did not know was possible. Every movement is 4 seconds out – 4 seconds in so that more slow-twitch muscle fibres are recruited building strong, leaner muscles. Killer workout – if you lived in LA you would have the strongest core going around. Apparently this workout is already in Sydney so now we’re just waiting for it to hit Melbourne.
Lagree Fitness



You know a class is hard when you think it’s over and you’re like thank god but then the instructor (we worked out with the real deal from Barry’s Barry himself) says “ok now switch it up one more round” and you let out a groan of horror and disbelief because you’re exhausted. Barry’s is the ultimate cardio and strength workout. One hour broken into 2 strength circuits and 2 cardio treadmill circuits. 15 minutes of each alternating. Imagine interval runs sprints and inclines followed with weights (we did a whole body day). FYI the abs section to finish off class is brutal and if you don’t walk out with an extra 2 abs somethings up because it’s hard.

Barry’s Bootcamp



When your limited to your days in LA and want to cram in so much exercise you need to throw in a bit of YIN to your yang. Playlist is one of the newest yoga studios in LA. Flowing through to the coolest beats of the moment and some classic throwbacks this studio is all music inspired even down to the lockers. Escape the hectic life of work, travel and exercise and loose yourself in the music.
Playlist Yoga



Spin is spin. Like soul cycle, cycle house uses weights for a whole body workout, sick tunes with cool beats but is less of the inspirational Oprah stuff and focuses more on you turned up to workout so lets smash it attitude. Different to soul cycle but still one of our favourite workouts and love the focus on technique.

Cycle House LA



Barre. Where to start – not all of us are equipped to be ballerinas but this workout is hard and probably the one that leaves you sorest the next day. Lost of pulsing with balls, kick backs, and little movements and weird angles that get muscles working that you did not know where there. Great for activating the glutes and strengthening the core. The workout itself was fun but you are transported to some kind of weird Jane Fonda 80’s aerobics infomercial.

Physique 57



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