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7 life hacks for fitness & health money eaters

They say it’s just smashed avocado on toast that’s ruining the millennials chances at ever affording a house. Mate you have got to kidding we’ve found 7 other reasons why our money keeps flying out the window plus the ultimate life hacks to navigate you back into the black.

Stan, Netlix, Spotify

When you workout you also need to relax and recover ‘netflix and chill’ but money keeps flying out the account when you don’t cancel your subscriptions and they keep on rolling over each month.


Steal your sisters Spotify and once you’ve binged watched your favourite serious on Netflix wait till the next season and sign up for a free month under a different email.


You are not going to rock up to the gym and do a solo workout after the first two weeks and you won’t cancel your membership because you will have good intentions.


Best thing to do – find your workout buddy and hit the local park or join a ‘gym’ you actually like F45 or RBT that run classes. You will make friends and you will want to get up and workout in the am. Fact.


Talk about exxy. 1 jar of this stuff will set you back $10. We don’t have a life hack to make it any cheaper but if you know of one let us know because we would like a house one day.


Your daily habit, sometimes twice daily let’s be honest can clock up some seriously taps on pay pass and money flying out the account without even knowing it.


Hit up a coffee joint with a rewards card – if you’re in the Richmond area cheeky monkey does an excellent brew and get enough stamps you’ll get one for free. Yew


Groceries can be expensive by the time you buy a bunch of kale, goji berries some organic berries you’ve blown your weekly budget on day.


Enter the parents – tell your parents you want to visit them or see them not only will you clock up some brownie points but you will be guaranteed a home cooked meal or a free feed. Got to love them.


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