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7 Easy Sustainability Trades

The passion around reducing waste and plastic in everyday life has increased 10 fold in the past 5 years. We as an organisation are just as passionate about minimising our use of plastic and also becoming more sustainable in our own personal every day life scenarios too. Here are 7 easy ways to reduce your use of plastic in your day-to-day lives.

1. Re-useable Bags

No surprise here that this is one of the first ways to reduce your use of plastic items. This has become much easier in Australia with the major supermarkets banning the use of single use plastic bags. Most people have loaded up on re-useable bags it’s just one thing to always remember them. The bags now used in supermarkets are rumoured to take longer to degrade then the original plastic bags so just remember to always carry spares in your car.

2. Water Bottles

This has become one item we don’t leave the house without – keys (check), purse (check), water bottle (check). We all know how important it is to stay hydrated (your body recovers quicker, boost immunity, better hormone production etc etc) so this is one item to invest in which will dramatically decrease your own personal use of plastic.

3. Bees Wax Paper

This is one item that is new to my personal list of reducing plastic use. After dinner each night I’ve been noticing how much glad wrap I use to store my left overs and it actually shocked me. I’ve come across these amazing covers that keep food fresh and instead of throwing out you wash and store. There are youtube clips on how to DIY but most health food stores now stock these.

4. Buy In Bulk

Always been a market shopper or I also tend to hit up my favourite health food store Source Bulk Foods. This is a great way to reduce your use of plastic – most places provide brown paper bags that you can load your goods into or some places also take your own container (weigh it first) and then load up. You just have to walk down a few aisles in the supermarket to notice how much plastic is on packaged items. Truth bomb.. I didn’t realise this until I stood back and took note – I just shopped at these places because they had all my favourite health foods.

5. Re-useable Straws

Now I’m not going to write invest in paper straws because honestly they frustrate me so much. Order a juice, take 2 sips and the straw is already soggy. I do know however roll with a re-useable straw. Annoying to clean but I’m taking note of just how much unnecessary plastic use I was using and what’s having to throw a brush stick down a straw at night to clean it.

6. Keep Cup

Caffeine is one of the first things that comes to mind within the first hour of waking up especially if you’re a Melbournian. Just like a water bottle your keep cup should be another item you don’t leave the house without. Now it’s not necessarily the cup your coffee comes in (most are biodegradable) but it’s the plastic cover to keep your coffee warm and so you don’t spill it. If you prefer to drink out of a coffee cup or forget your keep cup just order a takeway cup without a lid. Side note an incentive for a keep cup is that most coffee shops give a discount if your BYO keep cup – drink one everyday and it’s not long until you’ve paid off that purchase.

7. Take Away Containers

This a new aspect of reducing waste that I want to focus a little bit more on. How often when you get take-away does it come in plastic containers? One restaurant in Melbourne, Moroccan Soup Bar, I know it’s you bring your own tupperware and we will it up which is a great initiative. Next time you want a night off cooking and phone your local take away ask if you can bring your own containers. This is something I think we will see a lot more of in 2019.

How are you reducing your day-to-day use of plastic? Be mindful next time you’re shopping or just in a day of how much plastic you’re using and just recycle more. It might surprise you.

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