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6 Night Time Rituals That Will Help You Unwind

What we do before bed has a significant impact on the way we sleep at night. Turning your mind off is a challenge if you are feeling stressed or anxious. I like to have a nightly routine in place that helps me relax, unwind and fall asleep more easily + be better prepared for the next day. 

Switch off work and emails at 6pm  

This would be my ultimate night time routine however in busy periods of my job I can still be on my phone and emails anytime from 7- 11pm at night due to the time difference with our office in China and usually at night things are urgent and need answers ASAP. However, let’s say this isn’t a busy period. I will switch off my laptop at 6pm and won’t check emails until the morning. 

Gratitude Diary 

Before I go to bed every night, I will grab my diary and write down 3 things I was grateful for that day. It honestly can be anything from my coffee, to the person who smiled at me or for a work out. Taking that time to look book on your day and reflect is such a nice and rewarding feeling. 

Reishi Hot Chocolate 

I am addicted to hot chocolate before bed. The last 2 years or so I have added Reishi for an extra boost – it helps you chill out! 

Reishi helps to support the body’s sleep cycles and relaxation.  Personally, I have found adding this superfood into my hot chocolate has honestly improved my stress levels and sleeping patterns. It also hits those late-night sugar cravings. 

Set out what you need for the AM 

I am a firm believer in the habit of laying out tomorrow’s gym clothes the night before. This little ritual helps me relax and know that I won’t be rushed in the morning when my alarm goes off for that 6am workout. I feel like the more I am organised I will more likely head to gym then press snooze on my alarm. – Get it a go! 

Shower before bed 

The purpose of a night time routine is to relax and de- stress.  A hot shower or bath before bed does wonders. Not only do you go to bed feeling clean and de– stressed it helps loosening up and calming down from a crazy day of work! 


I love meditating at night just before I go to bed anywhere from 10 – 20 mins. Meditation allows my mind to find peace especially after a chaotic day. Meditation gives me space and perspective to calm those racing thoughts that consume my brain all day long. It honestly set’s me up for a peaceful night’s sleep. 

By Tully Lou

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