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5 Trending Foods

In June in New York the annual Summer Fancy Food Show is held where the big grocery stores in the US and around the world go to buy new food products which are the next wave of food trends to hit our shelves & feeds. The biggest trends to come out of this year some of them you know some of them you don’t but no doubt you will be seeing these products more and more.


Protein is a nutrient that all people, vegan or non vegan, want to hit every day and collagen is a protein that provides the structure for our skin and organs has been creating beauty buzz with many beauty bloggers claiming it to help combat wrinkles & anti-ageing. Collagen-infused products are one of the biggest trends of 2019. There’s animal base collagen and plant based (from sea weed) so make sure you get the one thats right for you.

Bondi Protein Company – Collagen Blends

BCP’s new specially formulated blend is packed with collagen and vitamin C to support firm, healthy skin – nourishing your body from the inside out. It has has no artificial flavouring and preservatives, is dairy and gluten free.

Blue Dinosaur – Protein Bar Range

Blue Dinosaur’s protein bar range has 18g grass-fed collagen per bar, higher than any other on the market… Egg white is one of the highest sources of Branch Chain Amino Acids, almost twice the profile of dairy and with an ingredient list as short as theirs you know you’re only eating natural products – no artificial sweeteners that cause bloating and digestive issues.

Healthy Energy Drinks

Forget about the red eye, red bull, V & Monster energy drink there’s been a spike in natural energy drinks that use natural stimulants to give you the extra burst of energy. Natural products that give you a boost without OD’ing on caffeine are things like green coffee extract, lions mane mushroom, L-Theanine and cordyceps.

Remedy Drinks – Good Energy

Remedy are one of the first Aussie brands to bring healthy and natural energy drinks to our shelves. 3 flavours fuelled with natural boosters including ginseng and green coffee extract.

Nordic Yoghurt

Heard of greek yoghurt but there’s a new yoghurt in town which has higher protein and a milder taste then greek – SKYR (pronounced “skeer”). Made with usually non fat milk and strained to have low to no sugar.

Siggi’s – Icelandic Yoghurt

This is a product that has been on the shelves of the US for years and I’ve been hanging for it our shelves and finally it has (Woolworths only at the moment). Siggi’s is like a yoghurt I’d never tasted before – creamy, think, full of flavour but low kj’s & high in protein. Just to compare this tub of yoghurt has 15.2 grams of protein compared to another brand favourite starting with C and ending in bani which has 9.2 grams.

Therapeutic Foods

With mental health and physical health in front of us everyday people are becoming more aware of how food can be nutrition and help things like sleep, anxiety and energy levels. It’s usually a blend of many traditional herbs & spices from South America, China, India etc and not very convenient for the everyday person but now brands are blending us our herbs and it’s a simple as reading a label and packing what we want to improve – sleep, digestion and even sex life.

Moon Juice – Blends

Moon Juice is one of the OG’s in blending foods that are medicine for your body. Primarily adaptogens that are practical and preventative ways to destress & nourish your body. PS their sex dust is their best selling blended formula. Creative branding that just wants to make you buy.

Four Sigmatic – Mushroom Specialist

Wanted to throw some mushrooms that benefit your body in a smoothie or hot drink and don’t want to invest in a whole packet. These guys are your people. They’ve created easy and portable sachets with the blended herbs you need for any type of need. The chocolate based ones taste like a healthy hot chocolate. Mix, sip and enhance.

No Waste

With the culture of sustainability hot on the radar and of what brands we’ve consumed this trend has many different categories.

Doggy Bags

They used to be a thing in the 90’s growing up that any food not eaten you could take home and we’re so happy they’re back. Ask your restaurant if you can take the rest home .. usually you have to put it in the container yourself (legalities and food poisoning etc etc)


People a more aware of how much plastic they’re using. If you’re looking at entering the food/snack market the trend is to look for packaging that has the least impact on the environment

Head to Toe Eating

Another no waste aspect which is becoming more popular especially in the restaurant scene. Eating high quality meats from head to toe so there is no waste. Don’t be surprised if you see more meats popping up on a menu that you’ve never seen before.

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