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5 Tips To Stay Motivated This Winter

Get organised

Every Sunday I will sit down and look at my schedule for the week. I will pencil in all my workouts and what needs to be done. I find this keeps be accountable and inspired for the week ahead, as I don’t want to cancel on something I have in writing.

Recruit a workout buddy 

This is very much like my tip number 1. It is hard enough motivating yourself during these dark winter months. Buddy up with a friend for your next workout! It’s a nice way to catch up before or after work. It’s also much more difficult to cancel on a friend than to just decide not to go yourself. 

Get new gym wear

Investing in some new workout gear from our new Tully Lou collection can really help with motivation. I always find buying something new, bright and functional gets me motivated and makes me feel super inspired to move my body, even when its chilly out! 

Wake up early

This is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of motivation – especially in the colder months. It’s hard enough to get up early in the summer time. But sleeping in won’t help boost your energy levels, and you might end up feeling even more sleepy and tired. So this winter set your alarm and get up a little earlier and enjoy more daylight hours and get more things done!

Have a goal

Setting a goal is the perfect motivation for anytime of the year, especially good for the colder months. Maybe your goal is to train 4 times a week or it could be anything not eat meat 3 days a week. By setting healthy and realistic goals it will give you the motivation to get thru winter and feel good and happy whilst doing so. 

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