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5 superfoods to boost your smoothie

Love a good blend as much as we do? Take your smoothies to the next level when you’re at the local smoothie bar or just blending up one of your own epic creations. Here are
some of our favourite superfood boosters to load your next smoothie with for extra flavour + nutritional kick.

Chia Seeds

What are they? Chia has been around for a while now but these tiny little seeds will never go out of style in our eyes – packed full of goodness to nourish us from the inside out.

What does it do? Loaded with Omega-3’s important for a healthy heart and brain. These bad boys will help out your blood sugar levels and also keep your hair, skin and nails healthy and in check.


What is it? One of the world’s best antioxidants. But for real it is a bean like seed – chocolate in its purest, most natural form. Think cacao powder, cacao nibs and cacao butter.

What does it do? Loaded with antioxidants it raises your levels of the happy hormone serotonin, acting as a natural anti-depressant and is packed full of magnesium – wicked for relaxing muscles and helping out stress levels.


What is it? A ground flour and sweetner from the mesquite plant used by Native Americans. It’s sweet, slightly nutty, caramel like in flavour and bloody delicious in smoothies.

What does it do? Great for strengthening the immune system, stabilising blood sugar levels, boosting energy, upping your mood packed with dietary fibre keeping you fuller for longer and your bowels moving.


What is it? Maca is a root vegetable that’s a nutritious staple in its native Peru.

What does it do? Boosts energy, strength and endurance levels, fight stress and is full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes that
help balance out your mood and hormones.


What is it? New kid on the block! Matcha is ground whole green tea leaves so it’s loaded with all the anti-oxidants as green tea plus more.

What will it do? Adding this bad boy to your next smoothie will increase your metabolism helping you burn fat, balance out your mood and keep you buzzing throughout the day – we dig organic match maiden – they keep us going all day long at TL HQ.

Take your smoothies to the next level and nourish your bod.