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5 pillars of the fit clique lifestyle

Wonder why some spin in the am and then sometimes throw back epic burgers and some red wine in the pm. TLT it’s all about balance, being unique and without any judgment of yourself or others. How we roll day in and day out comes down to these 5 simple kings of our lifestyle.. 

  1. Forget meal skipping, long crazy juice fasts (day here of there is ok) or crash diets they all backfire and in the long run are unsustainable. Eat a balanced diet – we’re not going to be eating burgers or pizza every week but when we do we enjoy every mouthful.
  2. Interval & strength training are our workout heroes. Am, pm or both. You get the increased fitness from interval cardio, the lean muscle mass from strength training, which also keeps the metabolism firing even when you’re not exercising just throw in some yoga for flexibility and that total feeling of zen.
  3. Eat the rainbow. Load up on fruit and veggies. The more colour in your diet the more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals you are getting. Drink them, eat them and make friends with them because you’re body and mind will feel much better for it.
  4. Be mindful everyday. This itself is a lifestyle choice. Be mindful in conversations with people, what you’re eating, your thoughts and how you act. Don’t try and multi-task – if you’re multitasking you are not being fully present. Slow down and be present. Meditate, do yoga, don’t worry about the past and don’t preempt the future.
  5. Have fun and be kind. Ok this is a two in one deal but everyday you have the power to make someone else’s day whether it be by some random kind gesture, smile or as little as an unexpected text. If you had the power to make someone else smile – why wouldn’t you. Surround yourself with positive family and friends. There’s something special about a group of friends that are so kind, positive and encouraging – amazing things can happen (TLT #fitclique).

This week we have also taken up the challenge from our friend @najigram_ to meditate each day for a week and to be more aware of our thoughts and where they tend to drift to. If you’re down for it give it a go – there’s no right or wrong way.


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