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5 New Workouts You Need To Try

Want to try something new to mix up your workout routine or need something quick because you dread working out? We have everyone covered from 30 minutes to an hour, hardcore workouts to meditation these are 5 studios in Melbourne you want to try ASAP.

Rise Nation

Fresh from LA and the workout to some of the Hollywoods hottest bodies – Rise Nation could be the hottest workout in Melbourne for 2019. 30 minutes of versaclimber in a dark room to pumping beats. This is a cardio workout and will focus on strengthening your core and help build a strong booty. Come prepared to sweat. 

South Yarra

Orange Theory

Fresh from opening their second Melbourne based studio in South Yarra the TLT team think that this, Orange Theory, will become the hardcore bootcamp workout for the the serious people who still dedicate an hour to a workout. A break up of treadmill, rower and resistance training all in one you will burn some serious Kcal’s. Not for the faint hearted. 

CBD & South Yarra

Run Club

A little less intense then the above Run Club is a new studio that have opened up a beautiful and large warehouse space in Cremorne. A treadmill workout they offer a various classes depending on what kind of running you’re into – express, endurance, power and some classes that offer a strength training aspect to. They have you covered and it’s much easier and motivating running on a treadmill when you have a coach telling you intervals, speeds and hills. Great workout for a runner especially in Winter.


Lagree K-Kore

It’s not unknown that Lagree has a strong dedicated following in Melbourne. Not just your average pilates reformer class. This mega-reformer focuses more on slow movements (4 seconds in and 4 seconds out) which focus on different and more muscles fibres being used. What’s the point in that? The more you recruit the more you strengthen and the more you will burn in and after class. The intensity definitely increases once you transition from a traditional reformer to a lagree mega-reformer. Want to strengthen and tone? This is your class. 

Port Melbourne & CBD.


Working out your mind or lack of working out your mind and slowing it down is just as or more important then breaking a sweat, hello meditation. The ability to decrease your thoughts in your head from a volume cranked to 100 to 20 is definitely a fine art. Not too sure how to or where to start? A-Space is the place you want to perch yourself onto a mediation seat. The team there teach meditation in a relatable, easy way that you can then apply to every day life and situations. Want to work on a particular aspect of your life they also run classes specialising heart (opening yourself up), sleep and mind meditations. 

Pop-Up Studio Collingwood

SP x

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