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5 Natural Ways To Boost Your Immunity

With “the virus” going around the world right now (can we please hit re-set on 2020 btw) we’re looking at any opportunity to pivot away from the fear and pandemonium and two things we can control – our emotions and what we consume. What has to happen, let it be and lets move on. It’s reminding us how out of control we really are.

What we eat can either lift our immune system up or make it go in over drive. Time to stick away from the processed foods folks & sugars and try loading up on these anti-viral foods to boost immunity.


This fungi superpower is not only has anti-viral (see you later corona) and anti-bacterial but also research has shown that improves lung function in people with suppressed lungs but also enhances athletic abilities.

You can get in powder or tablet form from many health food shops or it’s also an added ingredient to some health loaded products


Natural liquorice, liquorice root is a immune boosting agent that also supports repairing and balancing the gut health (we all know how important gut health is.. get on those probiotics too!) Liquorice is said to halt viruses from replicating getting into healthy cells.

You can take liquorice in tablet form, drink herbal tea or chew on liquorice root sticks if you can find them at your health food store.


Elderberry is one of the worlds most healthiest plants when it comes to the health benefits. It has long been used to reduce the length and severity of flu symptoms. Elderberry compounds stick to the end of the tiny spikes on the end of viruses that are used to penetrate healthy cells therefore like liquorice stopping healthy cells being invaded.

Just like others you can get elderberry in capsules and liquid form from health food shops and even online.


Raw garlic.. if you’re game enough to chew down on one then you’re boosting your immunity loads! It’s the old triple threat – anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Allicin is the active compound that reduces the likelihood of getting sick but also reduces the length of time you are sick


Just as I sit down to write I’m like.. I need to go make a green tea! Green tea is full to the brim in phytonutrients (flavonoids / natural plant chemicals) one being catechins which are said to inhibit viral infections by blocking the enzymes that allow the virus to reproduce. Plus it will help speed up your metabolism which is a win-win if we’re all on home lockdown.

There’s many ways to look after your health and boost your immunity – sleep more, wash your hands, meditate, keep your stress levels in check, eat well – try and stick away from sugar loaded foods, exercise and just be a good human. Kindness is the best way to feel good about yourself which releases endorphins which boosts your immunity so in all of it look after yourself, look after your friends, be kind to strangers and try not to be a dick. We will all have food and toilet paper.

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