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5 Herbs To Beat A Cold

Winters set in and you’re doing everything to make sure you don’t get struck down with a cold. Drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, exercising and eating well. What else can you do to improve your chances of not getting sick though? Upgrade the food you’re eating. How do you do that? Eat plenty of alkalising foods and add some herbs and spices that help boost your immune system building up your defences.

5 of the best herbs and spices to build up your immunity this winter..

Licorice root

Not only is this herb sweet in taste it’s loaded with benefits. It’s suggested to help with leaky gut, adrenal fatigue but we love it because of it’s anti-viral benefits and anti-inflammatory. Sip on a licorice tea or if you can source some powder down throw some into your baking. After dinner if you’re trying to not go back for seconds of dessert try sipping on a licorice tea from Red seal or now even Coles supermarkets are stocking some brands.


A go-to for an upset stomach ginger is also great in the winter months for it’s ability to help fight infections (fungal and bacterial). Also great if you’re working out lots because it’s also loaded with anti-inflammatory benefits that will help ease muscle and joint pain. Throw fresh ginger in your cooking, brew some tea or you can even buy capsules from your health care shop.

Cat’s Claw

One of the best herbs you can take to boost your immunity and well being in general. This woody vine a native from the Amazon forest stimulates that immune system and also has been linked to help treat arthritis due to it’s high anti-inflammatory properties. Hit up your local health store because this herb can be a bit tricky to track down.

Holy Basil

Also known as Tulsi (writing this I am currently sipping on a tulsi tea for my herbal tea of the day) helps balance hormones and fight off the stress hormone cortisol. In Ayurvedic medicine this is the go to herb to help combat colds and flu’s both bacterial and viral.  Many Indian’s cook up the whole holy basil plant but for most people you can either take this in supplement form or brew a tea. Our favourite tea is organic India.


A part from garlic this is probably the second most common food to help fight the common cold. It’s said to both improve your chances of not getting a cold but also cut down the time of your cold if you’re already struck down. It helps fight infection, help respiratory problems and is a great anti-inflammatory supplement. You can find this in most pharmacy’s and health food stores.



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