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5 Healthy Protein Bars (we actually eat)

Emergency snacks are always handy to have – in the car, in the hand bag, on an aeroplane because it is better to be eating then be moody af and hangry. When you’re on the go you need something quick and easy.

We’ve eaten our way through some bars (like a lot) and note we also have a tough criteria that these bars had to meet to make it to the Top 5 – one of us is fructose free, both of us eat whole foods, must only have ingredients that we actually know (added points for superfoods or added supplements like MCT oil) there has to be decent amount of bar, taste good and texture.

Bullet Proof bars

The addiction is real when it comes to the bullet proof bars. Available in Vanilla, Chocolate brownie, Lemon and Shortbread flavours. Following the bulletproof diet (high fat diet) these bars are loaded with goodness and keep you full for a long time. The Chocolate fudge brownie flavour tastes like nutella which is always a good thing. Not suitable for vegans, loaded with collagen protein (11 g) and MCT oil for high brain functioning and to keep you fuller for longer.


RX’s bars are the no BS bars of snacking with all ingredients labelled on the front and very minimal must we add. Chewy, sweet these bars do keep you on the go and satisfy any sweet tooth. What gets them over the line is there minimal ingredients practically home made right?!

Paleo Protein Bars

Made by Julian’s Kitchen these epic paleo protein bars are free flowing at TL HQ as our emergency snack of choice. Absolutely no crap about them, very few ingredients, low sugar & choice of sweetener is monk fruit. With both prebiotic and probiotic ingredients loaded with protein these bars keep you full for a long, long time and are a necessity in the hand bag.

Soul Sprout

Soul Sprout have a collection of bars ‘two raw moms’. These bars a hit when you’re a bit over the chewy texture that comes with a lot of protein bars so it’s a great switch up.  Crunchy nutty texture, all natural ingredients (blueberry one is a hit) think chia seeds, sprouted almonds and hemp seeds for a massive whack of omega’s and anti-inflammatory properties after a hard workout.


Keeping it local with our last favourite protein bar. NuVitality have our favourite protein bar to have if you are craving something a little bit sweet after dinner. Smaller in stature then other some of our other favourites – their triple layer choc mint is small but packed with protein and low in sugar. Perfect if you just want to have something small but still healthy.

There are some healthy protein bars out there. Shop around and find ones that suit your dietary requirements, taste good and the less ingredients & no numbers the better.


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