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5 Healthy Foods To Combat Stress

When I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed the number one thing I turn to, like most of my friends too, is food. Comfort, unhealthily satisfying foods. What if we loaded our plates with stress fighting foods?

When we’re stressed our body goes into full fight or flight thanks to stress hormone cortisol. For some reason our body still operates like we’re from the cave man era and when this F&F hits our body goes into full survival mode. You’re not quite sure when you will get your next meal so you eat and eat and eat so your body is well stored. Jump forward to now and food is definitely not scarce but we still have that primitive nature to eat and eat when stressed.

Traditionally for me comfort foods look like a large pizza, some sort of ice-cream dessert *looks in pantry to see what other sugar loaded foods can throw on top* which is usually a mix of dried food and nuts and more then likely I won’t be satisfied after 1 bowl. Definitely not. The problem is these comfort foods do nothing to help me combat stress and in fact fuel my body into being more stressed and overloaded.

Switching mindset these are the best foods to fill up on when we’re starting to feel stress levels rising.


A source of complex carbs which help the brain increase serotonin production, the happy hormone, and a powerhouse in stabilising bloody sugar levels which is essential for staying focused and clear during times of stress.


Nothing an avocado can’t fix. Who needs more of an excuse to order a smashed avocado on toast. But if you’re feeling the guilt for a $25 dollar breakfast justify it by keeping your stress levels in check.

High in fibre, like oats, which help control blood sugar, loaded with magnesium for anxiety levels and rich in Vitamin B which helps nerve and brain functioning and calm the body.


Who needs an excuse to eat chocolate am I right. *Breaks open chocolate bar at desk* But drop the sugary coated, first ingredient on the ingredients list is sugar chocolate. No good.

A recent study showed that a few pieces of dark chocolate (over 70%) was effective in boosting mood and reducing stress. With high levels of magnesium which helps reduce anxiety sometimes a few deep breaths will work but sometimes all you need is chocolate.


Capsicums, red in particular, are loaded with Vitamin C. In fact a red cap has nearly 3 times more Vitamin C then an orange. Vit C has been found to lower anxiety levels which are triggered by stress. It also helps keep your immune system in check which is often lowered by stress.

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Your gut health is the new go-to when it comes to a health and wellness overhaul. When you’re stressed, your body becomes inflamed and your digestion becomes weak. Yoghurt, loaded with probiotics, helps reduce gut inflammation which helps your body absorb all the right nutrients to combat stress levels.

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