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420.. National ‘Weed’ Day.. It’s A Thing

420..20th of April is actually a day in America and probably all over the world but it’s something we’ve just come across National Marijuana Day. It’s nothing new that the US are leading the way in medicinal and recreational marijuana use. It’s a huuuge market here and not only is it big.. it’s fashionable, trendy with designer products with sick packaging popping up everywhere. 

How did a national holiday to celebrate ‘getting high’ come about?.. No idea. But after some investigation it seems that 4:20 pm is like socialibly acceptable time to bust out a ‘vape’, ‘edible’ etc all which are pretty foreign words to the Australian vocab.

There are many, many different types of marijuana here. If you go into a shop you will get asked.. what are you after? A high, energy, relaxation, pain a mixture?? Sativa and Indica are the two most common types of ‘weed’. Sativa will give you a buzz and energy and Indica will do the complete opposite and is the more relaxing and mellow of the two.

Some of the ways to enjoy the 420 national holiday..


Candies, jellies, cookies, chocolate.. you name it and eat it you can definitely can find a version with Marijuana in it.

                                                                                                                     Picture via MedMen

Picture via Kiva


E-cigarette, not exactly quite sure how they work but apparently they generate steam and that’s what you inhale. It’s quite bougey here and what every cool kid does. Find a cool designer vape and you will fit in amongst the locals and experienced.

Vape from Beboe

Body Oils & Sprays

Your after shower routine just went up a level. Weed in your moisturiser is a thing. Give you muscles some life, recover, circulation. They have thought of it all.



Happy Marijuana day to all our friends may your 4:20 pm be the start of your pick me up burst of energy or chill out after a hard week.


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