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4 Powerful Herbs For Better Sleep

Anxiety and sleep deprivation seem to be the new buzz words. The word “busy” used to be be used as the common excuse for the lack of catching up or social connection but now I feel like it’s always “My anxiety has been out of control” or “I’m so tired, I feel so anxious right now.” My hands up because those words have definitely come out of my mouth and they both fuel one and other so it’s an ongoing circular effect until you break the chain. Need to get better sleep? Need to reduce stress levels? We’ve got 4 of Powerful Natural Herbs that do just that..

What are adaptogens?

Any natural substance in herbal medicine used to bring back balance to the systems of the body. A lot of ancient medicines are based on using adaptogens and they’ve become more available lately mainly because they are so useful at managing stress.

They adapt to your own body needs. Just like our own body is unique so are these herbs so just because one herb help you sleep well doesn’t mean that herb will have the same effect on your best friend.

Herbs to help curb your erratic sleep..


Natures xanax as it’s often called ashwagandha is calming and helps support good sleep. Traditionally it’s used to help people experiencing anxiety and nervousness by balancing out hormones.


Is used to increase immunity, performance and focus whilst also having a calming effect on the body by reducing levels of stress hormones. Used to help insomnia.


Also known as Siberian Ginseng commonly used for athletic performance and energy this super herb also has the ability to enhance quality of sleep and sleep overall throughout the night.

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Hello Eleuthero! 🌱🌞 I couldn’t be more excited to add this incredible adaptogen to the line. . 💜Eleuthero, also known as Siberian Ginseng has been used for thousands of years to increase endurance, reduce fatigue, boost immunity and overall longevity. . 💜Eleuthero helps mediate the stress response, by supporting the adrenal glad function, the gland that is in charge of cortisol and other stress hormones. 😎 While the neuroendocrine system is the most directly involved in the stress response, repetitive stress will negatively impact other organ systems as well. 💜Eleuthero has been shown to boost overall performance of both mental and physical tasks. In studies, subjects who took Eleuthero recovered energy levels much quicker after intense exercise, and also released more glycogen and therefore more energy during exercise, while also releasing less lactic acid that causes muscle fatigue. 🏋🏽‍♂️ Many studies also show benefits for memory, cognition, focus, learning and concentration. 🧠 . 💜 Eleuthero has beneficial impacts on metabolism such as lowering cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar and reducing insulin resistance. . 💜 Eleuthero is a potent anti-inflammatory antioxidant. It slows free radicals and cellular oxidation. . 💜 Eleuthero has been shown to help relieve stress, depression and anxiety by its ability to regulate and support health neurotransmitter exchanges. . . 💫Now available on the shop page of website! . . . . . #rootandbones #eleuthero #siberianginseng #adaptogens #adaptogen #herbal #herbaltherapy #antioxidants #athleticperformance #energy #menshealth #womenshealth #plantmedicine #acupuncture #chinesemedicine #arcata #humboldt

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One of the most popular power herbs out there Reishi is know in Tradition Chinese Medicine as ‘mushroom of immortality’. This powerhouse also helps boost immunity but will help support your ability to go sleep by providing a normalising effect on your hormones that are caused by a stressful lifestyle.

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