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4 Health and Wellness apps, we’re loving in 2019

Tracking your health and fitness progress with an app on your phone can be a productive and positive step towards a healthier and happier you this 2019 and we want to help you achieve this. I asked the team what health apps they were loving at the moment and here is what we’re loving and why. 

Insight Timer

I have tried numerous meditation apps in the past, however have found them a little boring and limiting.  The insight timer app allows you to select plenty of options to match every mood – which we love. It’s such a wonderful resource filled with hundreds of inspiring talks, effective guided meditations and a wealth of all sorts of beautiful music. We also find it really encouraging – you can also see who else is mediating around the world at the same time– it’s pretty cool


I started using CLUE last October as I have been dealing with chronic period pain that was generally getting in the way of work and my social life. I wanted to track my period, so I knew exactly when my pain would strike and I could get a handle on the pain before it got to a point that I couldn’t work. It made my life so much easier knowing what was happening with my cycle and helped me understand my body a lot better. You can track when you’re about to PMS with a simple *ding* notifying that your PMS started today and that you’re probably going to feel lethargic and maybe angry/irritable.

Clue Presents your cycle from the start of your period to your most fertile days. You can also monitor mood, sleep, pain and even sex and contraceptive use. I find the more you use it and update it the more accurate it becomes. Another thing I love is you can share your CLUE account with loved ones. They basically know when to stay the hell away from you or when you need a hot water bottle! All by simply pressing the share button. 


This app makes our lives so much easier when scheduling classes or beauty appointments. As we travel a lot we love this app as you can find studios nearby + book classes in all locations across the globe. Its super easy to use, you can pick your classes from your account that’s linked with the studio (or sign up on mind body) if you need to cancel you can just go online and cancel, pay for classes in bulk – overall its super user friendly a seamless and easy app to use!


This is the best astrology/horoscope app I have ever used! (I am obsessed) Co – Star has real time insights, as the planets move. They use NASA data to show exactly where the stars are, and proprietary technology to generate super accurate horoscopes. The data generates your very own personalized horoscope based on your time and place of birth, plus a planet by planet compatibility run down. – so much fun. You can add your friends and family and can also read their charts. The insights are so fascinating, super easy and fun to use. 

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