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12 New Year Resolutions

Some people stick the traditional one resolution a new year but it’s just as easy to make weekly resolutions or monthly resolutions to keep you on track for a bigger overall outcome. It’s not rocket science to know that most resolutions will be something to do with fitness, health and eating better so we’ve got 12 resolutions to keep you on track for an overall health new years resolution. Do one or two everyday for a week or a month. 

  1. Move everyday – Get outdoors and get your body moving. Endorphins will be released and you will feel better for it even if it’s 20 minutes. No one ever regrets a workout
  2. Sip on some apple cider vinegar – first thing in the morning when you wake up take a dash of apple cider vinegar with some water and throw it back it will help with digestion throughout the day and alkaline the body.
  3. Green juice it – If you don’t seem to get enough greens in your day this is an easy way to up the nutrients your body is getting in one simple hit.
  4. Phone a friend – Having a chat with a friend always brings a touch of happiness to your life. Check in and see how people are going. They appreciate it more then you would ever know.
  5. Sign up for an event – Have a goal or target in sight. Want to get fitter? Sign up for a 10 km run and start training. Not only will you feel better through training you will feel amazing when you tick off your goal.
  6. Go to a meditation class – Learn the 411 of meditation and find a technique that works best for you. You can then take this practice with you whenever you want for a daily practice.
  7. Go to bed one hour earlier – We are Grandma’s to begin with but the old saying is that is not the hours that count but the hours before midnight which apparently where your body gets the most rejuvenation. Wake up feeling fresher.
  8. Complement a stranger – There’s something special about complementing someone you don’t know it not only fills you with joy but you don’t know what you have just done for their day because we never know what anyone is really going through.
  9. Make your own lunch – A month or a week this one will definitely save you some cash. You can take control of what you eat but it’s all in the preparation don’t forget to plan it out first.
  10. Try a new food – Add a new fruit, vegetable or superfood into your diet. You will be nourishing your body but also refining your palate for some different tastes.
  11. Go to yoga – There’s all different types of yoga – hot, power, yin but all connect movement with breath and bring you back to living in the present moment which we love. Try different ones out and find one that suits you and your lifestyle goals.
  12. Make your bed– Mum always used to nag on this one but we kind of understand now. It sets up a clean routine and when your bedroom and house is in order it ripples through the rest of your life too.

If there are any other resolutions you’re thinking of throwing into 2016 we would love to hear. We are always up for new things.



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