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10 Powerful Daily Habits 

I am a massive believer in daily habits! Small habits will make an immediate difference in your life.  If you stay consistent with these rituals, you’ll begin to notice real changes in your life. 

So… are you ready?  Let’s share some of my non-negotiable 10 daily habits! 

1. Gratitude Journal 

A five minute a day gratitude journal can increase long term happiness and wellbeing by more than 10 percent. Gratitude improves our health, relationships, emotions, personality and career. When in a grateful mood, we will feel gratitude more frequently. We will feel gratitude for more things at the same time. 

2. Meditation

I always start or end my day with at least 10 minutes of meditation. I have actually found this crucial for me to feel and perform at my very best.

3. Make the Bed

So, I heard that successful women like Cameron Diaz to name a few swear by making the bed every single morning, no matter how tired or busy they are. When I read this, I was like I am going to give this a crack. I am actually obsessed! It’s a little task that gives me this instant sense of accomplishment and helps me feel like I can take on whatever the day is about to throw at me. 

4.  Move your body 

I always make time to work out before I start my day, it can help me process everything I have to do and get me ready for a successful day ahead. I get so many good ideas working up a sweat. It helps to clear my head for the day!

5. Become a scheduler 

I absolutely love what I do, and if I’m organized, there’s time for it all. I like to write everything down that I intend to accomplish for the day. Prioritizing the things that are most important. I find if I do this my mind is a little less scattered and I can focus on the more important things and not multi task.

Don’t forget to schedule in breaks and a little me time or else those are bound to neglected! 

6. Mantras

I always have to remind myself no matter how difficult the previous day was, this morning you have the chance to start fresh and make the best with what is given to you. – I love mantras!

The power of language is amazing, mantras have the power to create a real shift in the way you think. If you are needing a fresh start in your life, or just a great start to your day.

Use your favourite powerful mantras to get your day started off right!

7. Breathe work 

Breathing heals on so many levels! It’s so good for your mental and physical well-being. Our breathe constantly converts to energy. It automatically makes you feel calm, relaxed, aligned and focused for the day ahead. 

8. Podcasts or reading 

I really love to make a conscious effort to make the most of every opportunity to cram more info or self development into my brain. By doing this I have learnt so much over the years – thanks to my podcast obsession. I love listening to people’s stories it really inspires me and sets me up for the day. 

9. Connect with loved ones 

If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed lately is that life is incredibly quick. Someone can be gone in the blink of an eye. I have made a promise to myself to make sure I check in with at least 2 to 3 people in my life who I love, and it only takes a few seconds out of your day to make someone feel loved or valued. 

10. Go to bed early 

“Sleep is the best Meditation” – Dalai Lama.

 I honestly could not agree more. Sleep is so important if you want to perform at your best and lead a successful life – It’s about getting the proper sleep. 

People who get enough sleep are successful, focused and happy. We really need sleep to recharge our brains and bodies. So I am a massive believer in getting at least 7-8 hours sleep otherwise I am not productive at all. 

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